Old Spice Dad Song

Old Spice has launched “Dad Song”, a commercial designed as a follow up to the Smellcome to Manhood “Mom Song” campaign of January 2014. The clingy mothers are back with their anxious laments over their boys turning into independent men. But now the fathers are singing as well, celebrating the transition from child through man-childhood to manhood. Lyrics written by Flight of The Conchords comedian Bret McKenzie begin, “Where’s my little boy, I miss him so/Who’s this man living in our home?/My special guy has turned into a man.” Dad’s response: “At least he won’t be living in a driveway in a van!”

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Old Spice Gift a Boy Into a Man

Old Spice Dad Song Credits

The Old Spice Dad Song campaign was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, by creative directors Jason Bagley and Craig Allen, copywriters Jason Kreher and Nathaniel Lawlor, art directors Matt Sorrell and Ruth Bellotti, senior producer Lindsay Reed, account team Georgina Gooley, Nick Pirtle, Michael Dalton and Jessica Monsey, executive creative directors Susan Hoffman and Joe Staples, and head of production Ben Grylewicz.

Filming was shot by director Andreas Nilsson via Biscuit Filmworks, with managing director Shawn Lacy, executive producer Colleen O’Donnell, line producer Jay Veal, director of photography Fredrik Backar.

Editing was done at Mackenzie Cutler by editor Gavin Cutler, assistant editor Pamela Petruski and post producer Sasha Hirschfeld.

Visual effects were The Mill by executive producer Sue Troyan, producer Adam Reeb, coordinator Kris Drenzek, creative director Tim Davies, senior visual effects artist Becky Porter, VFX artists Alex Candlish, Patrick Munoz, John Price, Timothy Crabtree, Adam Lambert, Anthony Petitti, Yukiko Ishiwata, Phil Mayer, CG VFX artist Jason Jansky. Telecine was produced by artist Adam Scott, executive producer Thatcher Peterson and producer Natalie Westerfield.

Music was produced at Walker Music by producer Sara Matarazzo, assistant producer Abbey Hickman, lyricist Bret McKenzie and arranger Mickey Petralia. Music was recorded at Hearby Sound by engineer John Buroker and executive producer Nannette Buroker.