O2 Possessed House with Smart Tech

O2, the British telco, launched “Possessed” this week in the lead up to Halloween. Samsung devices and apps were used alongside Philips lighting to create a haunted house week in Princelet Street, Shoreditch. Celebrities Lucy Watson, Rylan Clark and Helen Flanagan were invited to take a brave step inside the house to witness the suspense and sudden spooks. Over 50,000 O2 customers registered for free tickets through the O2 Priority app in only one weekend. Upon arrival visitors were led through five ‘haunted’ rooms, each powered by a range of connected technology. All smart tech was controlled by O2 Gurus phones and tablets to create a fun, frightening and unforgettable experience.

O2 Possessed

Philips Hue bulbs were connected to a central hub linked to a wifi network, allowing O2 technologists to use a Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone to control each bulb individually or in groups.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Samsung Link were used to hijack a Samsung TV to create the Poltergeis-TV effect.

A Samsung Galaxy Alpha was used to control Samsung Bluetooth speakers.

Technicians kept tabs on the victims by strapping a Samsung Gear S watch on to each of them, with data including heart rates before and after the experience.

“We love helping our customers get the most out of their technology and O2 POSSESSED helped to bring smart tech to life in a really fun way,” said Kristian Lorenzon, Head of Social Media for O2. “The days and nights of fright were powered by technology you can buy in O2 stores and that our very own Gurus can help set up, hence why we wanted to make the haunted house both inspiring and terrifying.”

The O2 Possessed campaign was developed in consultation with VCCP Kin, London.

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