North Face Shop Floor Disappears

North Face Korea is promoting the “Never Stop Exploring” message with a stunt filmed in a pop-up store in Seoul. Customers shopping for ski jackets suddenly found the displays ascending into the ceiling, and the floor disappearing below them, exposing a safety landing pad. Around them the walls were lined with rock-climbing holds. A North Face jacket was lowered from the ceiling with the message, “Time limit of 30 seconds. Go GET the North Face down jacket”. North Face Korea is challenging customers to discover their own strength as they face unexpected challenges.

North Face Jacket Jump

North Face Disappearing Floor


The North Face Shop Disappearing Floor campaign was developed at Innored, Seoul.

Music is “Don’t Want To Fall” by EleventySeven.

Innored’s North Face Shop campaign follows on from the success of the Chilsung Cider magical wish vending machine in which shopping mall visitors were lured into a room fitted with suspended bottles and a giant trampoline floor. They were invited to jump for bottles and sign up for a magical wish.

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