Nike Football Risks Everything in The Last Game

Nike Football has released part three of its #riskeverything campaign. The film – “The Last Game” – is a five-minute animated feature starring some of the world’s greatest footballers on a mission to save football from the hands of a villainous mastermind, The Scientist. The Scientist, a suave, smooth operating genius, has been analyzing the game for years. He is dismissive of the audacious risks that the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Neymar Jr. take on the pitch. His research, which includes the claim that Ibrahimovic’s overhead kicks have a 76 percent chance of missing, leads him to create The Clones, automatons programmed to remove all risk-taking and focus only on efficiency, decision-making and results.

Nike Football Last Game Team in Rio

Nike Football Last Game - The Scientist

Following the opening scene, where The Scientist introduces The Clones, we witness the dulling effect of their style of play on the world of football. Brilliant football ceases to exist and the game becomes almost extinct. With the real players now leading “normal” lives, Brasilian legend Ronaldo (O Fenómeno) decides enough is enough and goes on a mission to reignite the game with brilliant football from the re-assembled group of the world’s most brilliant players.

Nike Football Last Game - Flame

He rescues a dejected Zlatan from a bookstall outside a stadium, leaving copies of I AM ZLATAN behind. Cristiano Ronaldo, now relegated to life as a window mannequin, is snatched by his namesake from the SPORT-U-GAL shop window. Iniesta’s life as a farmer is over before you can say Magista. Neymar and David Luiz’s new careers as hairdressers are cut short as El Fenómeno nabs them, and Wayne Rooney’s stint as a fisherman washes up when he’s bundled into the back of a van.

Nike Football Last Game - Rooney

Once together, O Fenómeno manages to convince the skeptical Players with a stirring speech about beating The Clones. To remove any doubts, the Brasilian legend reminds them of some of their own greatest moments as they walk the stairs of his secret location. The world’s attention turns to the showdown between The Players and The Clones to determine the future of football.

The Last Game Concept

“The idea behind ‘The Last Game’ is to show the world that Nike, like any true lover of football, believes that the game should be brilliant, daring and bold. Having the confidence to take risks is absolutely vital in football. Imagine a world without the brilliance of Cristiano Ronaldo, the acrobatics of Zlatan or the wizardry of Neymar,” said Nike’s Chief Marketing Officer Davide Grasso.

“The final 90 seconds of The Last Game prove, beyond any doubt, that brilliant football should be the only kind of football. Brilliant, creative, risk-taking football. That is what #riskeverything is all about,” added Grasso.

Fans can register for the new Nike Football App and get the gear to Risk Everything for USA, Brasil, Latin America and Rest of the World.

Nike Football Last Game
Nike Football Last Game Kit Room
Nike Football Last Game - Iniesta
Nike Football Last Game - Neymar
Nike Football Last Game - Neymar Selfie
Nike Football Last Game - Poster

The Last Game Credits

The Last Game campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy Portland by executive creative directors Joe Staples and Susan Hoffman, art director Ryan O’Rourke, copywriter Alberto Ponte, senior agency producer Erika Madison, interactive director Dan Viens, global executive producer Matt Hunnicutt, production assistant Julie Gursha, head of production Ben Grylewicz, account team Alyssa Ramsey, Molly Rugg, Karrelle Dixon, business affairs manager Karen Crossley, project manager Jordan Schroeder.

Animation was produced at Passion Pictures by director/writer and CG designer Jon Saunders, CG designer Sam Mason, producer Ryan Goodwin Smith, executive producer Sam Robinson, Andrew Ruhemann, Alex Webster, Sara Matarazzo, producer Eve Strickman, live producer Gerri McCarthy, director of photography/steadicam operator Marek Wesolowski.

Editing at Joint Editorial was by editor Peter Wiedensmith with lead assistant editor Eric Hill, assistant editor Alyssa Coates, post executive producer Patty Brebner, producers Ryan Shanholtzer and Alex Thiesen.

Editing at Whitehouse Post London/New York was by editor Paul La Calandra, assistant editor Joe Petruccio and executive producers Lisa Kenrick, Lauren Hertzberg (NY) and producer Nick Crane.

Sound was produced at 750mph by sound designer/mix engineer Sam Ashwell, audio producer Sam Robinson and engineer Phil Bolland.

Music was composed by Judson Crane and Nicholas Davis at Walker Music with music coordinator Abbey Hickman. Licensed track is “Miss Alissa” by Eagles of Death Metal.

Online finishing work was done at Glassworks by colourist Duncan Russell, smoke artist Aleks Ugarow, executive producer Misha Stanford-Harris.

Titles/Graphics were produced at WK Motion and WK Studio.

3D End Tag and Original 2D Design was by ILOVEDUST

Passion Credits

Editor: Victoria Lesiw
Story Development Writing Team: Jon Saunders, James Russell, Kevin Cecil, Steven Hall, Lucy Guy, story development team Andrew Ruhemann, Pete Candeland, Alex Webster, Brendan Houghton, Ryan Goodwin-Smith,
Additional Story Assistance: Daniel Emmerson, Simon Griffin, Lee Hempstock, Rob Sprackling, John Smith
Development Creative Director: Pete Candeland
Head of Production: Anna Lord
Line Producer: Adriana Piasek-Wanski
Production Coordinators: Anna Cunnington, Kate Goodwin
Production Assistant: Becky Perryman
VO Casting Directors: Claudia Hesse, Hannah Simons
Animation Director: Mark Waring
Football Choreography Consultant: Andy Ansah
Head of CG: Jason Nicholas
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
CG Supervisor: Cesar Nunes
CG Coordination: Suzanne Forward, Derek Walsh, Amelie Zilliox, Mark Harper, Dave Powell
Additional Coordination: Carine Buncsi
Art Direction: Painting Practice, Cesar Nunes
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Hair Team: Chema Del Fresno, Kwai Ip (also cloth)
Crowd animator: Jonny Grew
L&R Lead: Christian Mills, Arnoud Machtou
Lighting & Rendering Team: Howard Bell, Yohan Cohen, Jacob Gonzalez, Patrick Krafft, Sebastian Mayer, Richard Moss, Camille Perrin, Francois Pons, Paco Rocha
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Graphics Team: Stephane Coedel, Giles Dill

Painting Practice by production designer Dan May, lead concept artist/matte painter Rafael Martin Coronel, 3D matte artist/lead Graeme McDougal, matte painters/concept artists Antoine Birot, Nicolas Loudot, Tristan Menard, Carlos Nieto, junior matte painter Noemie Cauvin, concept artists Justin C Hutchinson-Chatburn, Mike Shorten, Alex Fort, Xavier Ren, 3D artist Matt Hotchkiss, coordinator Dora Sarkozi, graphic designers Gemma Kingsley, Erica McEwan, junior artist Rodolphe Parfait.

Mocap Shoot: producer Lottie Hope, producer Phil Stilgoe, supervisor Stuart Haskayne, post supervisor Joe Ells, production coordinator Iain Silvester, senior technician Matt Parker, technicians Ross Richards, David Bushen, production assistant Mimi Dulake, tracking manager Goran Dimitrijevic, senior tracker Igor Kovacevic, trackers Jelena Mitrovic, Zoran Muncan, Miloš Knežević, Nenad Milosavljević, TX team Mike Bovill, Gerda Aleksandraviciute, Jeff Smith.

Voice Actors

Scientist – Jonathan Oliver
Neymar – Bruno Garcez
Iniesta – Andres Williams
Zlatan – Adam Shaw
Rooney – Neil Fitzmaurice
David Luiz – Mauricio Brandes
Tim Howard – Tom Clarke Hill (also plays LeBron TVC VO and Football Commentator)
Cristiano Ronaldo – Hugo Nicolau
TV News Anchor – Victoria Lesiw (also plays TV Interviewer)
Fenomeno – Rhasaan Orange
Commentator 1 – Jonathan Clays
Commentator 2 – Tony Lockwood
Commentator 3 – John Roder
Commentator 4 – Bill Leslie
Hindi Newscaster VO – Sanghamitra Mandal
Mandarin Newscaster VO – Sun Ye
Spanish Newscaster VO – Alberto de Matteis

Football Performers

Sports On Screen performers
Mat Mitchel-King, Louie Theophanous, Anthony Cock, Chris Piper, Joseph Holland, Aaron Clarke, Isa Hussain, Joel Ledgister