MTV Exit Broken Dreamers

MTV EXIT Foundation, together with USAID, Australian Aid and ASEAN has launched the latest installment in its long-running campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking around the world with a four-minute educational music video by McCann Australia. The spot, “Broken Dreamers”, features an original song by Paris-based electro pop artist Birkii, and tells the story of three characters caught in nightmarish modern-day slavery scenarios. The stories unfold in the form of a pop-up storybook, highlighting the collision of innocence and malevolence. In the spot, Jenny is attracted by the opportunity to work overseas only to find herself trapped in an illegally-run brothel; Victor is lured to a slave labour camp with the offer of a well-paid job in construction; and Julie is trapped into a domestic slavery nightmare after applying for a job with an employment agency that places domestic help around the world. The campaign’s message is: “Let’s give these stories a happy ending.”

MTV Exit Broken Dreamers - Girl She didn't know what to do

Says Birkii: “Music is about sharing, and touching people in the deepest way possible. I really hope this spot will help people learn about the dangers and understand how easy it is for anyone to fall victim to trafficking. I’m really honored to be part of this message.”

MTV Exit Broken Dreamers - Girl She didn't know what to do

Says Rebecca Mok, MTV EXIT Director of Creative and Content: “MTV EXIT is at the forefront innovative outreach through media by fusing fresh creative concepts with important pro-social messaging. We hope this new video will educate, engage and empower audiences to learn more about human trafficking and exploitation. ”

MTV Exit Broken Dreamers - Girl She didn't know what to do

McCann Sydney Executive Creative Director Dejan Rasic worked Los Angeles-based animator and director Tim Reckart, best known for his Academy Award-nominated short film Head Over Heels. Illustrator Lily Pham was commissioned to create a real pop-up book, which was filmed to create the final spot.

Rasic has worked with MTV EXIT since 2007 on a number of short films and music videos created to raise awareness of human trafficking among the general public around the world and among those at risk of being trafficked.

Says Dejan Rasic: “MTV EXIT has done a remarkable job of highlighting the dangers of human trafficking in so many different ways, over many years now. This latest spot is all about education. It’s designed to make people aware of the tactics used by traffickers to lure victims.”

Broken Dreamers Credits

The MTV Exit Broken Dreamers campaign was developed at McCann Sydney by executive creative director Dejan Rasic working with MTV Exit Head of creative and content Rebecca Mok and campaign director Matt Love.

Animation was produced at AMVI Los Angeles & Starburns Industries by director Timothy Reckart with executive producer Blaize Saunders, producer Trevor Stewart, production manager Nathanael Horton, paper engineer Javan Ivey, concept designer Lily Pham, fabricator Maeve Callahan, VFX supervisor Clint Fanny, director of photography Aaron Wong, assistant camera iterate Steve Crocker, additional VFX artist Kalina Torino and editor JD Dawson.

Music was written and performed by Birkii, and mixed by Thibaut Javoy Paris.