Mr Hublot Wins Oscar

“Mr Hublot”, the winner of the 2014 Academy Awards animated short film category, is based on the creative universe of Belgian sculptor Stéphane Halleux. Mr Hublot lives in a world where characters made partially of mechanical parts, driving huge vehicles, rub shoulders with each other. A world where the giant scale of machines and the relentless use of salvaged materials reign supreme. A withdrawn, idiosyncratic character with OCD, Mr Hublot is scared of change and the outside world. His solution: he doesn’t step foot outside his apartment! The arrival of the dog Robot Pet will turn his life upside down: he has to share his home with this very invasive companion. Here’s the two trailers and the full film (11 minutes).

Mr Hublot in his room

Mr Hublot in his world
Mr Hublot with flowers
Mr Hublot with goggles

See more on the film at, and @mrhublot.

Mr Hublot Credits

Mr Hublot was produced at Zeilt Productions, Luxembourg, by writer/director/cinematographer Laurent Witz, co-director Alexandre Espigares, composer François Rousselot, art director Pascal Thiebaux, concept artist Eric Toubal, sound mixer Marc Gueroult, foley artist / sound effects editor / sound mixer Mathieu Michaux, CG interns Olivier Antignac, Quentin Buchkremer and Damien Pierlot, animation director Mickael Coedel, animators Jacopo Armani, Jamaal Bradley, David Carrière, Ghayth Chegaar, animator Jean-Christophe Craps, Gerald Dedel, Jean-Luc Delhougne, Thierry Dezarmenien, Alexandre Espigares, Samuel Istace, Benjamin Lauwick, Marie Moet, Abdelali Reddane, Bruno Scheerens, Adrien Xhibitte, lighting/rendering/compositing artist Dalmas Rémy, and layout artist Frédéric Evesque.

Co-production was done at WATT frame and Arte France.