Lucozade Motivational Speeches for Fans of Life

Lucozade’s #FansofLife radio campaign in South Africa has won the Radio Grand Prix award at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. The Ogilvy Johannesburg team reflected on the idea that energy drinks are aimed at getting people to do more, and more, and more. Advertising campaigns often seem to miss that there are normal everyday events that require energy to get through, or excel in. Inspirational speeches were written to show that Lucozade is there to help you overcome those tricky and tiring moments, those “give-me-strength” moments, like a marathon teleconference, a kids party and an Enrique concert.

Lucozade Orange Radio campaign


“It’s 11pm, Jo’burg time. You’ve come so far in this teleconference meeting. You’ve pushed out every ounce of presentation breath, eked out every last drop of enthusiasm, presented unto seven people in six countries, and it suddenly dawns on you that the call was dropped ages ago… maybe somewhere around slide four hundred and fifty seven. And so for the second time today you thrust out one more hour of pitching and parry through points and punch lines. And now… you’ve just hit the Thank You slide, and Sanjay from Malaysia; the only one who matters and has signing off power; dials in and says, “Hey guys, what did I miss?” Now you got a problem. I’ll tell you what you going to do. You’re going to scroll back to slide one! And you are going to do the presentation, again! With LUCOZADE! With Energy!

Kids Party

“There will come a day, when you will not have to enter the battlefield of kiddies’ birthday parties. There will come a day when you will not have to clash With a horde of 3-foot, wand-wielding, plastic-sword thrashing offspring. But today, is not that day! For today you shall lead your daughters into the fray, into Jaco’s 5th Springbok themed birthday party. Wherein lies that infernal clown bent on audience participation, your participation. And just when you are about to pack up to leave, they will spring upon you one last onslaught: they will declare that they are cutting the cake. You will stand tall for another 35 minutes. Fuelled with Lucozade, fuelled with energy, you shall sing Happy Birthday!”

Enrique Concert

“They said you wouldn’t make it this far. They said you’d be out of here in the first three songs. But here you are, 92 minutes and 44 seconds into an Enrique concert all for Susan Rautenbauch. So you planned the perfect date for two, yeah? Got the pricey limo, filled it with roses and got front row VIP tickets. Bad idea! Cos now you’re stuck here, watching her watching him gyrate his well-oiled, far-too-flexible torso. You’ve fake danced, fake smiled, faked the lyrics as if you knew every song, with particular emphasis on “Ti Amo”. And now, finally he’s off the stage … it’s all over … time to leave … but you know what? The oestrogen-riddled audience will croon back that THEY. WANT. MORE. And he’ll be back on stage for another set, grapple with that. Now your knees begin buckle from your rhythmless Latino imitation dancing. But you did NOT come this far NOT to get a kiss from Susan. So you get yourself some go. You get yourself some Lucozade … and you get back in there.”


The Lucozade Motivational Speeches campaign was developed at Ogilvy South Africa, Johannesburg, by executive creative directors Mariana O’Kelly and Neo Mashigo, creative directors Molefi Thulo and Peter Little, copywriter David Krueger and art director Tammy Retter, business director Candice Shortt, group account director Lauren Mallett-Veale, account manager Brett David and strategic planner Stefan Siedentopf.

Sound was produced at Produce Sound, Johannesburg by sound engineer Louis Enslin.