Liberty Mutual Rise for Winter Olympics

Liberty Mutual, official auto home and life insurance partner for the US Olympic team at Sochi 2014, is running “Rise”, an integrated campaign featuring athletes who have struggled with failure as well as success. The Rise campaign, online at, is centred on a series of short films and television commercials released through the weeks leading up to and during the Winter Olympics. Ten athletes include J.R. Celski, a speed skater who slashed open his thigh during a fall before the 2010 Olympics, Rico Roman, who overcame an injury during his time serving in the military to become a paralympian; and skeleton athlete Katie Uhlaender, who endured her father and former MLB Outfielder Ted Uhlaender’s death while she had been competing in a previous Olympics. Heidi Kloser, the most recent athlete in the series, fell the day before the opening ceremonies at Sochi, breaking a leg and tearing ligaments. She was still able to talk into the stadium on crutches. Advertising creative Alex Bogusky tweeted about his hopes for Liberty Mutual telling her story. Within hours the Heidi Kloser connection was on its way to film production and screening.

Alex Bogusky Heider Kloser Tweets

Picabo Street

The most daunting obstacle Picabo Street ever faced wasn’t injury, but herself. As an 18-year-old with natural talent, she had a brash attitude and lax fitness regimen, which ended up costing her a spot on the U.S. Ski Team. But thanks to her father’s tough love, guidance, and unrelenting support, a humbled Picabo battled back to get in shape and rediscover her passion.

Katie Uhlaender

Loss of the person you love most in the world is the worst setback we, as human beings, can imagine. When U.S. Olympian and Skeleton World Champion Katie Uhlaender lost her Dad, Ted Uhlaender, she also lost her will to compete. It was acceptance of that loss, and support from legends like Picabo Street, that made Katie come back.

Rico Roman

Boots on the ground or skates on the ice, Rico Roman is a natural leader. He thrived in the military, operating as a staff sergeant for his platoon by his third tour of duty. And it was on that tour that Roman’s world turned upside down. Few can imagine a setback as traumatic as Rico Roman’s, nor a comeback as inspiring. Today, Roman is the first war-wounded veteran to be nominated to the U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey Team. We hope to root for him to RISE at the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. View the full film here:…

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Liberty Mutual Rise Credits

The original Liberty Mutual Rise campaign was developed at Hill Holliday by chief creative officer Lance Jensen, content director John Dukakis, content editor Michael Grimes, agency producer Arestia Rosenberg. Havas Worldwide picked up the account in late 2013 and continued with the campaign.

Filming was shot by director Jay Heyman via Make with director of photography Bill Winters.

Filming of the Heidi Kloser spot was shot by director Lauren Greenfield via Chelsea Pictures, with director of photography, producer Jonathan Gribetz.

Editors were Brian Budak and Conor Kelly at The Station.