Jägermeister Journey to Surf

German liquor Jägermeister is being promoted in the UK with “Journey to Surf”, a television commercial shot in Iceland. The 60” film follows five friends as they embark on a journey to find the ultimate surf. They travel across an arctic landscape, struggling through howling gales and snowdrifts. Eventually they reach their destination where they bravely don wetsuits and head out to the surf. Finally we see them kicking-back with some Jägermeister shots after their adventure. The Journey to Surf ad follows on from the “It Runs Deep” campaign launched in 2012.

Jagermeister Journey to Surf

Jägermeister Journey to Surf Credits

The Journey to Surf campaign was developed at The Red Brick Road by creative directors Richard Megson and Matt Davis, art directors/copywriters Richard Megson and Matt Davis, executive producer Charles Crisp and producer Rick Carter. Media was handled by AMS Media Group.

Filming was shot by director Seb Edwards via Academy Films.

Post production was done at Nineteen Twenty Post by producer Scott Griffin and VFX artist Ludo Fealy. Editor was Sam Edwards at The Assembly Rooms.

Audio post production was done at Jungle Studios by Jim Griffin, James Cobbold and Chris Turner. Music is “Follow Me Into The Darkness”, by Fightstar.

Jagermeister Journey to Surf Friends