If you need to turn it up you need a hearing test

Bekol is an organization in Israel founded and managed by people who are hard of hearing. The organization works actively to improve and advance the quality of life of hard of hearing people ages 18 and above, lobbying for laws to improve accessibility, promoting the rights of the hard of hearing people, removing the barrier of shame surrounding hearing loss, and encouraging and providing tools for the hard of hearing people to cope with hearing loss. This print advertising campaign presents four rock stars, Miley Cyrus, David Bowie, Snoop Dogg, and Kiss star child Paul Stanley, in emerging detail. “If you need to turn it up, you need a hearing test.”

Bekol If you turn it up - Miley Cyrus

Bekol If you turn it up - David Bowie
Bekol If you turn it up - Snoop Dogg
Bekol If you turn it up - Kiss


The Bekol campaign was developed at BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Tel Aviv, by CEO Yossi Lubaton, chief creative officer Nadav Pressman, creative director Eran Nir, art director Ale Feldman, copywriter Lior Shoreham, VP account group head Maya Salomon, account supervisor Moran Lupo, account executive Reni Bracha, VP production Dorit Gvili and illustrator Ido Hirshberg.