Honda Don’t be that guy

Honda Motors South Africa is running “Don’t Be That Guy”, a print advertising campaign promoting Genuine Honda Parts. Four seating diagrams each highlight the one seat that you don’t want to be in because your car broke down. Your seat in a packed theatre that you’re about to walk into 38 minutes late. Your seat on a packed flight that’s 15 minutes late because you just arrived at the gate. Your seat at the restaurant your date has been waiting at for the past 49 minutes. Your seat, right next to the boss, at the meeting that hasn’t started yet because you’re 18 minutes late.

Honda Theatre - Don't Be That Guy

Honda Plane - Don't Be That Guy

Honda Restaurant - Don't Be That Guy

Honda Boardroom - Don't Be That Guy


The Honda Don’t Be That Guy campaign was developed at DDB South Africa by executive creative director Liam Wielopolski, copywriter Lawrence Katz, art director Nicola Wielopolski and designer Melissa Grundlingh.