HBO Go or Awkward Family Viewing

HBO is promoting its multi-device offering HBO Go with a series of commercials featuring young adults enduring awkward family moments as they watch their favourite shows. Seven adult scenes from HBO shows Game of Thrones, Girls, Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Detective and True Blood are watched in the company of a Mom and Dad whose presence and commentary are truly awkward. The campaign, launched on HBO’s YouTube channel, Buzzfeed and Twitter, encourages viewers to sign up to view shows on Android, Chromecast, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Samsung, Xbox 360, Kindle Fire, Roku and Playstation 3.

HBO Awkward Family Viewing

Game of Thrones – What’s He In? Mom and Dad run an awkward commentary on characters and actors.

Girls – Your Body Your Choice. Dad walks in on awkward massage scene.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Happily Married Parents. The awkward hypothetical divorce question comes up.

Girls – Awkward Makeout Scene. Mom would be happy if her daughter was a lesbian…

True Detective – Faithful Dad. Too much information on trips to Memphis and Cincinnati.

True Blood – Appreciation. A vampire moment of love isn’t the same with Mom on the couch.

Game of Thrones – First Cousins. While Cersei and Jamie Lannister embrace, Mom reveals that Nana and Grandpa Joe are first cousins…

HBO Go Awkward Family Viewing Credits

The Awkward Family Viewing campaign was developed at SS+K by chief creative officer Bobby Hershfield, senior copywriter Lindsey Lanpher, copywriter Richard Tseng, director of production and innovation John Swartz, senior producer Kim Cross, digital strategy and innovation director Kevin Skobac, and group account director Jennifer Barr.

Filming was shot by director David Shane via O Positive with director of photography Marc Laliberte-Else, executive producers Ralph Laucella and ken Licata.

Editing was done at Mackenzie Cutler by editors Gavin Cutler and Ryan Steele with post producer Evan Meeker.