Google launches Android Lollipop

Google has launched Android 5.0 Lollipop, the new mobile operating system, in association with a range of new Nexus devices, Motorola’s Nexus 6, HTC’s Nexus 9, and the Asus Nexus Player. Previewed at Google I/O, the open source software platform comes with over 5,000 new APIs for developers. A key feature, Material Design, ensures that design is consistent across devices. Content responds to the user’s touch or voice, in more intuitive ways. Transitions between tasks are more fluid. Commercials for the new Android Lollipop platform include “Be Together, Not The Same”, “And You”, “Block Party”, “Phone Drop”, “Bus Stop” and “Road Trip”. Google has unveiled a statue of the new Android robot, waving with fingers, in the headquarters garden.

Google Android Lollipop Forest

Be Together, Not The Same

Inviting the new kid to your lunch table… opening yourself up to new ideas… having the courage to add your thing to the world. It’s “moments of And” like these that move everything forward.

Street Party

When the whole world is invited to be themselves and do their thing, together — it’s not long before someone pulls out a phone and cranks up the volume.

Bus Stop

Big-brilliant-screen phones? Check.
Sweet-selfie phones? Check.
Movie-marathon-Monday phones? Check.

Phone Drop

Android makes it easy to backup your photos, videos, and other stuff. So if your phone or tablet gets stepped on by a dinosaur…. everything on it won’t be lost.

Road Trip

There’s no telling what the future holds… but we’re pretty sure it’ll include lots of people doing their thing, loud music, and an 80s era RV.

Scary Movie

All sorts of Android devices have big, beautiful screens. Great for watching a movie with the whole family – or the whole aisle.

Google takes the cover off the new statue…

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