G-Star Raw for the Oceans

G-Star Raw Amsterdam, an innovative denim brand based in The Netherlands, won the Product Design Grand Prix at Cannes International Festival of Creativity for “Raw for the Oceans”, a product line using ocean plastic. The denim brand, marking 25 years this year, is known for innovation in fabrics, cuts, 3D constructions and sustainable innovations such as denim made from nettle. This year G-Star partnered with Bionic Yarn to create a high quality collection, co-designed and promoted by Pharrell Williams. This first collection, due for release in August 2014, contains 33% per cent reclaimed plastic. The percentage of plastic reclaimed from the sea in Bionic yarn will increase with each collection.

G-Star Raw For The Oceans

The Raw for the Oceans collection is designed to raise awareness of the 100 million tons of plastic being produced each year, of which 10% ends up in the oceans. This plastic pollution affects the environment in several ways. Birds, marine mammals and fish are killed by ingestion of plastics or entanglement.

Pharrell Williams G-Star Raw For The Oceans

Pharrell Williams G-Star Raw For The Oceans

Pharrell Williams G-Star Raw For The Oceans


The Raw for the Oceans campaign was developed by FHV BBDO creative director Mark Muller, Part of a Bigger Plan cofounder Christian Borstlap, Bionic Yarn cofounders Tim Coombs and Tyson Toussant, and creative director Pharrell Williams, along with Parley for the Oceans founder Cyrill Gutsch.

Post production was by Glassworks and Animade, with music by Pharrell Williams and sound by Kaiser Sound Studios.