Dove Beauty Patches for a State of Mind

Dove’s new beauty campaign, “Dove Patches”, promotes the concept that beauty is a state of mind. Following on from Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches and Camera Shy video campaigns the Dove: Patches campaign is presented as a social experiment guided by psychologist Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke. Women were invited to wear the RB-X Patch for 12 hours and to record a daily video journal for two weeks as a follow up. They were told the process would help them feel more beautiful. Launched on April 9, the video has had over 19 million views on YouTube. For some viewers the video is perceived as a refreshing break from a product-centred approach to body image. For others, the video perpetuates unhealthy gender stereotypes and expectations for women.

Dove Beauty Patch

Dove RB-X Beauty Patch
Dove psychologist Ann Kearney-Cooke

Dove Patches Credits

The Dove Patches campaign was developed at Ogilvy Brazil
 by chief creative officer Anselmo Ramos, executive creative directors Roberto Fernandez and Paco Conde, art director Renato Zandoná, copywriter Brux, head of global production Veronica Beach, senior producer Mariane Goebel, producer Renata Neumann, business manager Libby Fine, chief executive officer Luiz Fernando Musa, head of client services Daniela Glicenstajn
, account director Ricardo Honegger, account supervisor Julia Barreira, planning director Mollie Hill, global managing director Erica Hoholick, global managing partners Stephane Orhan and Kate Smither, working with Dove marketing team Steve Miles, Jocelyn Hsieh and Rita Szalay.

Filming was shot by director Kristopher Belman via Caviar with executive producer Jasper Thomlinson, line producer Luke Thomlinson Clark and director of photography Robert Chappell.

Editor was Paul Kumpata at Rock Paper Scissors with executive producer Carol Lynn Weaver, producers Chrissy Hamilton and Meagen Carroll, assistant editor Arielle Zakowski.

VFX were produced at A52 by Flame artist Dan Ellis, executive producer Megan Meloth and producer Heather Johann, colourist Paul Yocono.

Music was produced at Great Garbo by composers Diego Baldenweg, Nora Baldenweg and Lionel Vincent Baldenweg, with production by Groove Guild. Sound was mixed at Lime Studios by Joel Waters with executive producer Jessica Locke.