Deluxe Christmas Card 2014

DeLuxe Entertainment Services Group Inc has launched a digital Christmas Card for 2014, produced at Rushes and Mcasso in London. The animation presents a hanging mobile featuring partner content creation companies Method Studios, Company 3, Centro Digital Pictures, Beast, Editpool, DDP Studios, iloura, Encore, EFilm, StageOne Sound, Level 3 Post, Rushes, Stereo D, Pax Entertainment, Flagstaff Studios and CSI.

Deluxe Christmas Card star


The Deluxe Christmas Card was produced at Rushes by directors Andy McNamara (CG / VFX Supervisor) and Barry Corcoran (MGFX), animators Craig Travis and Andrea Scibetta, lighting artist and renderer David Drese, modeller Nimesh Patel, producer Jules Pye. Music is by Mcasso.