Complimentary Compliments to give away

Online print and design company is running a self promotion campaign with a set of complimentary compliments. The limited edition flyers, designed and signed by Rob Lowe, also known as Supermundane, were posted on brick walls lining London’s arty Southbank, with passersby able to take them away free-of-charge. Another 600 have now been given away in the Boston Design Museum.

Moo Pro You're Spectacular flyers

Six designs, each of which is ‘complimentary’ in both senses of the word, feature stylised typography spelling out compliments such as “I think you’re splendid”, “I think you’re incredible”, and “You’re spectacular”, expanding on Rob’s previous artworks, whose signature mesmerising prints have been exhibited around the world.

Moo Pro Compliment flyers

The images are available to share on MOO’s social media channels. A final one-of-a-kind seventh flyer will also be available to win from MOO’s social media channels until Friday 8th August.

Teresa Pereira, VP Brand and Communications at MOO said: “When a flyer is well crafted and stands out from the crowd, it can really tell your business story for you, and help bring an event of any kind to life. We wanted to create a selection of flyers that people would want to keep, little works of art, to encourage people to smile and to make others smile.”

I think you're fabulous

I think you're incredible

I think you're marvellous

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