Coca Cola Surprises Cinema Slurpers

In Denmark a Public Service Announcement discouraging people from spoiling film screenings for others by making noise is traditionally aired just before a movie starts, and Coca-Cola has a long history of making these ads. This year the idea behind the announcement titled ‘The Coca-Cola Slurp’ was: Please keep quiet during the movie. It’s not the same with you in it. In an unexpected stunt at a cinema in Copenhagen, movie lovers were amazed to see themselves on the big screen, popping up behind the actors, noisily slurping their Coca-Cola and spoiling the drama in a specially made short film played to the audience before the premiere of Anchorman 2.

Coca Cola Stable Boy Slurp

Saatchi & Saatchi Denmark creative team created the stunt by making their own Hollywood genre film, and capturing the unsuspecting audience on a green screen, with hidden cameras. As they arrived at the cinema and settled into their seats, a retouch artist then quickly edited them into a bespoke film that was shown on the big screen to rapturous applause. Check out a film of the stunt here which shows some behind the scenes and audience reaction.

Two special Hollywood genre movie clips, “Gangster” and “Stableboy” were used as alternative public service announcements. In ‘Gangster’ we see an actor, who represents a member of the audience, transported into a scene where a cop is being buried alive as she casually munches on her popcorn. “Stableboy” invites us into a Regency boudoir where a Lady Chatterley character is undressed by her Stableboy, and again, a guy who represents a member of the cinema audience, suddenly appears into the heart of the scene, as a result of noisily sipping his Coca-Cola.

Executive Creative Director Jason Mendes commented: “After Regner & Jesper wrote the cinema ads, it suddenly dawned on us that the creative platform naturally lent itself to do a stunt like this. We have seen real people in advertising before, but not – to our knowledge – so quickly after they have been filmed, and combined with previously shot footage in this way. It required a hell of a lot of prep to get it right on the night.”

“Coca-Cola has a historic affiliation with the Danish cinemas and it is fair to say that we have always played an integrated part of the movie experience, which includes our sponsored service announcements. It is not an easy job to make quietness exciting, but the creative glue underpinning this year’s executions is extremely powerful,” says Coca Cola Market Operations Director for Denmark, Charlotte van Burleigh.


The Slurp campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Denmark by executive creative director Jason Mendes, and creatives Regner Lotz, Jesper Isholm, agency producer Nanna Rosenstock and account manager Maria Dinesen working with Coca Cola market operations director Charlotte van Burleigh.

Filming was shot by director Christian Eaglecastle via M2Film, Copenhagen with producer Casper Rasmussen. Post production was done at Duckling, Copenhagen, by editors Toke Lotz and Simon Borch, retoucher Filip Stanfeld, and composer Tobias Kropp.