Cadillac Divides Viewers with Poolside commercial

GM is stimulating lively conversation on American values, materialism and work ethic with “Poolside”, a television commercial for the 2014 Cadillac ELR. Actor Neal McDonough plays an affluent Cadillac owner who compares America’s work ethic and successes with the rest of world. “Other countries, they work. They stroll home. They stop by the café,” he says. “They take August off. Off. Why aren’t you like that? Why aren’t we like that? Because we’re crazy-driven, hard-working believers, that’s why.” McDonough strolls through his comfortable home to where his electric car is parked.

Cadillac Poolside ad

The Poolside Campaign

Cadillac marketing director Craig Bierley, in an interview with Advertising Age, challenges assertions that the commercial is aimed at the richest one percent of the US population, promotes materialism, uses guilt to encourage purchase of American made cars, and encourages workaholism.

Cadillac Poolside ad

Cadillac Poolside Credits

The Poolside ad is part of a campaign developed at Rogue, (Hill Holliday, Lowe and Campbell Ewald), by chief creative officer/copywriter Lance Jensen, executive creative director David Banta, group creative director/art director Kevin Daley, agency producer Paul Shannon, assistant agency producer Tim Mollen, account team Clifford Stevens, Megan Wiggin, Emily Shahady, Kalyn Barnum, director of project management Paul Pantzer, project manager Christy Costello, and line producer Dave Bernstein, working with Cadillac marketing director Craig Bierley.

Filming was shot by director Brennan Stasiewicz via Interrogate with producer George Meeker, executive producer Jeff Miller, and director of photography Max Malkin.

Editor was Andre Betz at Bug Editorial. Visual effects were produced at Brickyard VFX.

Music is “You’re Gonna Miss Your Candyman”, by Terry Callier. Sound was produced by Mike Secher.