Buenos Aires Better By Bike

The City of Buenos Aires has been encouraging the use of bicycles to solve complex problems associated with traffic, health and pollution. A new print advertising campaign, developed at La Comunidad, encourages the use of bicycles even more by promoting the benefits that riding a bike grants to the different parts of our body. The “Eco Bici” (Eco Bike) sustainable mobility campaign launched in 2010 includes a network of 800 public bicycles, 32 stations and more than 62 miles of cycle paths. Use of bicycles has increased by six times as a mean of urban transport, reaching over two million rides. All this progress is making the city become better with each passing day, as well as the people living in it. Five posters, “Lungs”, “Knees”, “Heart”, “Head” and “Stomach”, each include the tag line, “Better By Bike”.

Buenos Aires Better By Bike - Lungs

Don’t lose your breath. When speaking to a hundred people you don’t know or someone who knows you too well.

Buenos Aires Better By Bike - Legs

Tell everyone you have nice legs without being the guy that tells everyone you have nice legs.

Buenos Aires Better By Bike - Heart

A heart so strong only love can break it.

Buenos Aires Better By Bike - Head

Get problems out of your head without putting them in other parts of your body.

Buenos Aires Better By Bike - Stomach

Get in shape without eating the stuff that people who get in shape eat.


The Better By Bike campaign was developed at La comunidad by chief creative officer Joaquín Molla, executive creative director/copywriter Ramiro Raposo, executive creative director/art director Fernando Sosa, art director Dante Zamboni, copywriters Nicolas Larroquet, Adrian Rey and Aaron Zimroth, illustrator Guillermo Muñoz, group account director Sebastian Diaz, account executive Lucas Saenz, head of graphic production Ramiro Capisto, working with City of Buenos Aires marketing director Fanny Peña.

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