BeyondBlue exposes the Invisible Discriminator

beyondblue, the Australian mental health organisation, has launched a new national anti-discrimination campaign highlighting the impact of racism on the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The “Stop Think Respect” campaign uses online, television, digital poster and social media to raise awareness of the impact of subtle and casual racisim on mental health. The television commercial at the centre of the campaign shows the “Invisible Discriminator” encouraging Australians to treat others differently because of the colour of their skin.

BeyondBlue Invisible Discriminator

Actors from ‘The Invisible Discriminator’ talk about everyday experiences of racial discrimination, which closely mirror some of the scenarios depicted in the campaign.

The campaign aims to reduce the impact of interpersonal discrimination on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by raising awareness among non-Indigenous people and challenging them to question their own behaviour and expressions of racial discrimination, particularly subtle racism. Advertising targets non-Indigenous men and women aged 25-34, with the secondary target audience of 35-44 year olds. Creative work focused on people in these age groups with particular mindsets – those who do not consider themselves to be racist and who want to be seen as tolerant, but may engage in subtle acts of discrimination, believe negative stereotypes, tell racist jokes, or make insensitive or offensive comments out of fear, ignorance or habit.

Invisible Discriminator Credits

The Invisible Discriminator campaign was developed at Marmalade by executive creative director Neil Mallet, creative director John Akritidis, director of client service Lisa Gumbleton, senior account manager Hayley Sims and producer Beaver, working with BeyondBlue general manager marketing and communications Janine Scott, major campaigns advisor Rhiannon Bell and project manager Sarah Squire.

Filming was shot by director Corrie Jones via Guilty Content with director of photography Shelley Farthing-Dawe and producer Rohan Timlock.

Post production was done at Cutting Edge by editor Billy Browne, colourist Martin Greer, online editor Viv Baker and post producer Bronwyn Ketels.

Sound and music were produced at Final Sound by composer Paul Ruske, sound designer Craig Conway and producer Laura Hesse.