Bell’s for The Reader

South African company Brandhouse is promoting Bell’s Old Scotch Whisky with “The Reader”, a heart-warming 2 minute commercial in which a father learns to read late in life. The father, motivated by his son’s success as an author, learns to master the written word in a variety of innovative and fun ways, with fridge magnets, a board game, cards and alphabet pasta all cleverly contributing to his objective. The “Give that man a Bell’s” line is associated with stories of men with character, people whose journeys of courage are often overlooked.

Bell's Whisky The Reader

For a similarly inspiring commercial with an adult literacy focus see Hallmark’s 2006 ad “Required Reading“.

Bells The Reader Credits

The Reader ad was developed at King James by group chief creative Alistair King, executive creative directors Devin Kennedy and Matt Ross, creative director Mike Wilson, art director Cameron Watson, agency producer Caz Friedman and client service director Sheri Cook working with Bell’s Whisky brand manager Thandeka Mgqumeya and marketing manager Thami Silwana.

Filming was shot by director Greg Gray via Velocity Films with producer Helena Woodfine, production designer Chris Bass,