Belgian Mountains in Winter Olympics

A Belgian city has never hosted the Winter Olympics. That makes perfect sense, because Belgium doesn’t have any mountains. But Belgium does have athletes with enough talent and determination to win a Winter Olympics medal, this year in Sochi. One of the athletes is snowboarder Seppe Smits, multiple World Championship medalist. To support the Belgian athletes who will compete in Sochi, BBDO Belgium created a TV spot with a group of snowboarders led by Seppe Smits, boarding across the flat landscape of Belgium. The ambitious tagline of the film: “In Belgium we don’t need mountains to win a medal”. The images are accompanied by the sounds of the beautiful Jacques Brel song “Le plat pays” (The Flat Land), a well known song about Belgium and how flat it really is.

Belgian Mountains Snowboarders

Translation of the song:

“With cathedrals as the only mountains
And black bell towers like pathways to heaven
Where stone devils pull down the clouds
With the passage of time as the only journey
And the wet roads as the only good night.
With the wind from the west, listen to it wish
This flat land that is mine.”

Belgian Mountains Credits

The Belgian Mountains ad was developed at BBDO Belgium by creative directors Sebastien De Valck and Arnaud Pitz, creatives Frédéric Zouag and Nicolas Gaspart, agency producer Leen Van den Brande, client services managing partner Isabel Peeters, and account manager Inge Wertelaers, working with BOIC/COIB Belgian Olympic Committee contacts Piet Moons, Philippe Vander Putten, Luc Rampaer and Julie De Ruyver.

Filming was shot by director Arnaud Uyttenhove via Caviar.

Music was produced at Sonicville and Jacques Brel Foundation.