Baileys Sisterhood celebrated in China

Diageo liqueur brand Baileys®China is running a digital advertising campaign inviting Chinese women to celebrate their best friends or ‘sisters’ and the contribution they have made to their lives. With the one child policy, modern Chinese women rely on their best friend to play the role of a sister, encouraging and supporting them as they balance the different demands of career and family. These friends or ‘sisters’ help them be their better selves. Hosted on Weibo, the campaign is centred on three impactful films that each tell an inspiring story of a different pair of sisters.

Baileys Sisters Zhu Dan and Jia Qi

The content, online at Weibo, features a range of women, from the celebrity Zhu Dan and her manager Jia Qi to renowned jewelry designers, Ula and Sava who run a business together, along with independent fashion store partner Tahsa and her close friend creative dessert designer Vivan. Each film acknowledges the support a woman’s best friend gives her and calls on viewers to upload their own stories and celebrate their special sister. Each ad finishes with a visual and verbal reference to the butterfly motif found in the Baileys logo. The campaign will run for two months before culminating in an offline event in April.

“We developed this campaign to build on the brand purpose of inspiring women to be their true, best selves. Following the success of our last Baileys campaign, the ‘Pour Spectacular’ film, having the opportunity to engage on a deeper level with our consumers is an exciting prospect,” says Johnny Tan, Executive Creative Director, BBH China.

“Baileys as a brand celebrates womanhood and encourages women to be their better selves. This campaign is part of the longer journey we are undertaking with our consumers and one that is based on shared goals and ambitions for contemporary women in China,” says Jennifer Pan, Brand Director, Baileys China.

Baileys Sisterhood Credits

The Baileys Sisterhood campaign was developed at BBH China. Online work was produced at NIM Digital.

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