A Collective of Creative Types

A murder of crows, a crash of rhinos, a mischief of mice, a gaggle of geese. Why is it the animals that get all the fun collective nouns? For too long the humble folk of Adland have sat there silently, letting the animal world get all the linguistic glory. Well, enough is enough. Enter the Creatures of Adland. Never more shall we want for a catchy title when we spy groupings of creative directors, account managers or planners. London based creatives Jana and Adrian (Jana Pejkovska and Adrian Flores) have developed a Tumblr blog to allocate suitable collective nouns to each and every one of the various species in the advertising world, starting with an ambition of managing directors, a grid of designers, a panic of account managers, a glow of chairmen, an obstruction of creative directors, a compilation of planners, a feast of freelancers, a delusion of creatives, a rant of copywriters and a precious of art directors.

Delusion of Creatives

Obstruction of Creative Directors

Panic of Account Managers

Ambition of Managing Directors

Compilation of Planners

Feast of Freelancers

Glow of Chairmen

Grid of Designers

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