YWCA Demand Equal Pay

In recognition of International Womens Day here’s a great story from New Zealand. YWCA Auckland has picked up a lot of attention over the last few months for their “Demand Equal Pay” campaign, focusing on the UN figures showing that women in New Zealand are paid ten percent less than men doing the same job. To even out this inequality the YWCA Auckland decided men should be charged 10% more. Through TV, print, online, and experiential, this campaign highlights how absurd it is for the two genders to be treated differently when it comes to money. Visitors to the demandequalpay.org.nz site find that the left and right sides remain unbalanced until they register their support for the campaign. The campaign includes a television commercial, a set of provocative print and outdoor ads, and stunts in which men are charged more for barbecued sausages and organic coffee.

YWCA Sausage in Bread

YWCA Surcharge for Male Customers

YWCA Demand Equal Pay site

Monica Briggs, CEO of YWCA Auckland, gives her take on the campaign:

“It is the belief of the YWCA Auckland that by raising public awareness around this issue and giving some education around the facts, that people will debate the issue and just as importantly, pledge their support at demandequalpay.org.nz – so that government can be urged to adopt the Pay Equality Bill, drafted by Dr Judy McGregor, the out-going Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner. This Bill would give transparency and openness to gender pay issues within workplaces, something which is not possible under current legislation. The YWCA Auckland aims to empower young women both socially and economically. This campaign fits very neatly around empowering young women to be economically independent.”

YWCA Men are from Mars Women are from Venus
YWCA Women Work for Peanuts
YWCA Women Work for Free

Demand Equal Pay Credits

The Demand Equal Pay campaign was developed at DDB Group New Zealand by executive creative director Andy Fackrell, creative director Steve Kane, copywriter/art director Jonathan McMahon, art director/copywriter Lisa Fedyszyn, copywriter/art director Simone Louis, art director/copywriter Toby Morris, TV agency producer Jane Mill, print producer Andy Robilliard, print designer Amanda Summersby, account director Jenny Travers, account executive Amy Pollock and planner Jamie Barrett. The online campaign was developed by creative director Aaron Goldring, copywriter/art director Matt Webster, art director/copywriter Ben Barnes, senior interactive designer Sam Schrey, digital services director Paul Pritchard, developers Robbie Boyd, Simon Crocker and Jarrad Edwards, and producer Paul Shannon. PR was handled at Mango by group account director Bob Glancy, account director Sean Brown, account manager Rebecca Rassie, working with YWCA CEO Monica Briggs, marketing and communications manager Shelley Geenty and Auckland president Kate Sutton.

Filming was shot by director Zoe McIntosh via Thick as Thieves with producer Claire Kelly, executive producer Nik Beachman, director of photography Andrew McGeorge. Editor was Steve Gulik. Telecine was produced at Toybox. Sound was produced at Factory Studios by audio engineer Clive Broughton.