Yummy Face Maker

Hill’s-Colgate (Japan) worked with G2 Japan recently to launch “Yummy Face Maker”, an interactive app for Hill’s Science Diet. Pet owners were encouraged to take pictures of their pet after eating Hill’s Science Diet canned food and add a lip-smacking tasty tongue image to their pet’s photo. The campaign ran over a period of four months from September to December 2012. The website garnered over 2,500 postings in 60 days and a total of more than 4,000 photos over a four-month period.

Yummy Face Maker

Click on the image below to play the Yummy Face Maker case study video.

The Yummy Face Maker was designed to help pet owners relate to the palatability of Hill’s Science Diet for pets, now available in canned form. Pet owners wee required to register online at mypet.hills.co.jp/campaign/tastycan before uploading their pet’s Yummy Face and applying the app’s visual effects.

Yummy Face Maker Credits

The Yummy Face Maker campaign was developed at G2 Japan by creative director Imai Yasuhito, senior copywriter Yoshitsugu Takako, senior art director Yamazaki Mitsunori and web director Nakata Ikkoh.

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