YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?

YouTube has produced “YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?”, a retrospective mashup tribute to popular moments of the last year, promoting the YouTube Rewind Channel. The 5:47 minute video is set to The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?), Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Get Lucky by Daft Punk, Gentleman by PSY, and Harlem Shake by Baauer. Look out for videos featured on The Inspiration Room, including The Fox, Dove Real Beauty Sketches, What does the Fox Say?, Evian Baby & Me, and Katy Perry Roar. Also keep an eye out for annotated boxes providing links to Easter eggs such as the Running of the Goats.

Youtube Rewind 2012 Slomo Explosion

What Does 2013 Say? Credits

Filming was shot by director Kai Hasson via Portal A Interactive with executive producers Nate Houghteling and Zach Blume, senior producer/1st AD Finley Wise, producer/1st AD Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto, producer David Iain Johnson, 2nd Unit director Jonny Zeller, 2nd Unit directors assistant Ray Czaplicki, director of photography Alex Jacobs, production designer Mike Casey, art director Mike Mestas, lead editor Sari Tracht, additional editor Morgan Wise, assistant editor Jake Keller.

Graphics and special effects were produced at Cinesaurus aka Gritty Reboots. Color correction was produced at Prehistoric Digital. SFX was by George Zamora.

Behind the scenes video and editing was by Alan Dean. Behind the scenes media was produced at Sweatpants by Alex Watson, Matt Griffin, Eli Suzuki-Gill and Mikey Zeller. Photography was by Greg Balkin of Brightwood Photography. Animal wrangler was Morgan Bateman of A-List Animals.

Music was remixed by DJ Earworm, including The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Ylvis, Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Get Lucky by Daft Punk, Gentleman by PSY, and Harlem Shake by Baauer. Audio was sourced from The Screaming Sheep, Goats Yelling Like Humans and Dead Giveaway by schmoyoho.


In Order of appearance: Kid President, Ryan Higa, MysteryGuitarMan, Kassem G, GloZell, Blogilates, Kaycee Rice, I.aM.mE, DeStorm, Taryn Southern, Bethany Mota, Brandon Laatsch, Jenna Marbles, Hannah Hart, Rhett & Link, Tobuscus, Convos With My 2-Year-Old, Alison Gold, Mike Tompkins, Epic Meal Time, Tori Locklear, Chester See, Jimmy Fallon, Laina, Tyler Oakley, Prancercise, Quest Crew, Girls’ Generation, Marina Shifrin, The Fine Bros, Hikakin, D-Trix, Sam Horowitz, Bart Baker, Jack Hoffman (Nebraska Huskers), Barely Political, Alex Day, Annoying Orange, Dave Days, Kaleb Nation, Jamie Oliver, iJustine, Epic Rap Battles of History, Porta Dos Fundos, Magic of Rahat, SORTED Food , Cookie Monster, Macklemore, Corridor Digital, The Slow Mo Guys, Smosh, Jimmy Kimmel, Nick Selby, Grace Helbig, FreddieW, PewDiePie.

The What Does 2013 Say? campaign was inspired by the online work of cancer sufferer Talia Joy, who died in July 2013.

Youtube Rewind 2012 Goat Portraits
Youtube Rewind 2012 Jamie Oliver
Youtube Rewind 2012 Fox
Youtube Rewind 2012 Fox Dance
Youtube Rewind 2012 Face Paint