Wolverine Experience Augmented

20th Century Fox International has been promote the summer blockbuster, “The Wolverine,” with an advanced augmented reality experience in cinemas and shopping centers across the world. Digital agency Soap Creative produced 19 big-screen kiosks which served as the platform for an incredible recreation of one of the key action scenes from the film, giving passers-by the chance to sample the superpowers of Wolverine, as played by Hugh Jackman.

Become the Wolverine

20th Century Fox International worked with their global partners to place the kiosks in cinemas and shopping centers in countries around the world, from Brazil, to India to the Philippines, and domestically at San Diego’s Comic-Con International. As a passerby approaches the kiosk, the magic of the Microsoft Kinect sensor transports the user to a re-creation of a fight scene from the movie, where Wolverine battles a Yakuza soldier on the top of a speeding bullet train. Simple hand movements become the powerful slashing of Wolverine’s claws.

Become the Wolverine Hit Combo

To make the experience social and sharable, the kiosks also snapped photos of people showing off their best moves, which were uploaded to the official Facebook page for the film.

Become the Wolverine


The Wolverine Augmented Powers campaign was developed at Soap Creative.

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