WhiteRibbon in Australia, Land of Secrets

White Ribbon Australia has been running “Australia, Land of Secrets”, an integrated advertising campaign raising awareness of the issue of violence against women. Timed to coincide with White Ribbon Day, November 25, the television commercial at the heart of the campaign begins like an archetypal Australian tourism ad, encouraging the audience to marvel at the country’s beauty and its undiscovered secrets. Amongst the stunning scenery, Australia’s dark secret is revealed: “One Australian woman a week dies from an act of domestic violence.” The 30 second TVC is supported by a 10 second billboard, radio, press, posters, digital communications, social media (Twitter and Facebook) and online destinations uncoversecrets.com.au, whiteribbon.org.au, that encourage viewers to get involved and uncover Australia’s dark secret.

White Ribbon Land of Secrets ad

Says Libby Davies, CEO at White Ribbon Australia: “The issue of male violence against women is real and insidious, but the extent to which it exists, and its impact in Australia is still largely hidden. The launch of Australia, Land of Secrets, on the eve of White Ribbon Day, calls on men, women and the whole community to help uncover Australia’s dark secret, raise awareness and act to stop violence against women.”

Says Bram Williams, partner at Archibald / Williams: “The campaign is designed to create some noise around a subject that for too long has been Australia’s dark secret. The fact that behind the sparkle of our modern, sophisticated nation, violence against women is happening on a daily basis.”

White Ribbon Uncover Secrets site
White Ribbon Uncover Secrets site
WhiteRibbon Land of Secrets print ad
WhiteRibbon Uncover Secrets Billboard
WhiteRibbon One Woman
WhiteRibbon Standard
White Ribbon Land of Secrets ad

Land of Secrets Credits

The Land of Secrets campaign was developed at Archibald Williams, Sydney, by creative director/copywriter Jonny Browne, creative director/art director Mark Held.

Filming was shot by director Josh Whiteman via Window Productions with producer Alex Mooney.

Editor was Suga Suppiah at Method Studios.

Music was by Bruce Heald at Noise International.