What I Love – Climate Reality Project

The Climate Reality Project, an organisation founded by Al Gore, is running “What I Love”, an integrated advertising campaign designed to raise awareness about the threats of carbon pollution on our earth. The interactive campaign, online at whatilove.org, invites visitors to choose eight aspects of life on Earth they could not imagine living without, choosing from over 100 short video loops intermixed with photographs and created interactive animations. The site connects each value with information on carbon pricing. “To love a thing means wanting it to exist. Take the experience and find the things you can’t live without.” A commercial, with a voice over by Demi Moore, suggests that whilst we are surrounded by what we love, there is an uncertainty to its long term sustainability.

What I Love

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Ending Carbon Pollution

Carbon Pollution is threatening coffee

What I Love


Filming was shot by director Matthew J. Lloyd via B-Reel with assistant cameraman David Edsall, and colourist Michael Kellogg.

Sound effects for the site were produced at Drastic Music. Music was by Moby.

Music for the commercial was produced at Nylon Studios by lead composer Michael Yezerski, director of music Mark Beckhaus and executive producer Christina Tortorelli, recorded live in Prague by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.