Walgreens Beauty At The Corner

Walgreens recently launched its first-ever campaign for beauty products. The idea, brought to life by Japanese photographer Teru Onishi, was to depict a woman’s face as a blank canvas, enhanced by a wide array of makeup, skincare, and hair care products. Each piece ventures into various mediums and highlights Walgreens products in a way that is, quite simply, beautiful. Walgreens Beauty at the Corner of Ideas & Inspiration, Trendsetters & Showstoppers, Brighten & Enlighten.

Walgreens Ideas & Inspiration

Walgreens Trendsetters and Showstoppers

Walgreens Brighten and Enlighten


The Walgreens Beauty Posters campaign was developed at GSD&M by executive creative director Jay Russell, group creative director/art director Bryan Edwards, group creative director/copywriter Victor Camozzi, creative director/art director Sean LaBounty, creative director/copywriter Hayden Gilbert, art director Sarah Thomas, copywriter Haley Gardner, executive producer Bill Wine, art producer Shannon McMillan, account team Nancy Ryan (SVP, Account Director) Brittany Reeves (Account Director), Amy Rodgers (Account Supervisor), Heath Tavrides (Account Manager), with photographer Teru Onishi.