UTEC Potable Water Generator

UTEC (Universidad de Ingeniería & Tecnología / University of Engineering and Technology) in Lima, Peru, promoted its application period for the 2013 engineering program by using a billboard to tackle the lack of drinking water in Lima. The billboard was designed to turn air into potable water as well as promoted the admissions test on March 3. The installment was made in December 2012 and is approximately 20 meters high (over 65 feet) and located off of the Panamericana Sur highway (at the 89.5 kilometer marker, a high traffic road that leads to the beach. The project won a Gold Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity, as well as a Gold Clio for Content and Contact.

UTEC Water Billboard with bottle

The billboard has five water generators that through an electrical system and a reverse osmosis process convert atmospheric moisture, which reaches 98% in the town of Bujama where the ad is installed, into drinking water. Each tank produces on average 20 liters of liquid that are stored into one tank, which can serve 100% purified water. Alejandro Aponte, creative director of the Mayo DraftFCB said: “The billboard has already produced thousands of liters of drinking water monthly, benefiting hundreds of families, neighboring zones and passers-by in the area, turning the campaign into a technology solution with a social impact.”

UTEC Water Billboard at night

UTEC Water Billboard with bottle

UTEC Water Billboard with bottle


The Potable Water Generator project was developed at Mayo DraftFCB, Lima, by chief creative officer Humberto Polar, creative director/copywriter Alejandro Aponte, creative director/art director Juan Donalisio, account supervisor Cesar Centurion, account manager Ines Lertora and creative consultant Juan Christmann.

The case study video was produced by editors Mayra Carbone and Diego Santillan. Music was produced by Santiago Rámirez at Audiopost.