USF Higher Standard Visibility

The University of San Francisco is running a citywide visibility campaign, in San Francisco, as well as in the university’s other branch campus markets: San Jose, Pleasanton, Sacramento and Santa Rosa. The campaign, launched on transit shelters, billboards, taxi tops, Muni sides, online banners and in print, carries on from the work launched in 2012. Each delivery sets out to communicate USF’s combination of rigorous academics and Jesuit values, while being an essential part of the San Francisco community. New work includes lines such as, “We think ‘the end justifies the means’ is a stupid saying,” “Become wildly successful without becoming a jerk no one likes,” and “Humanity. Justice. Integrity. You know, wild-eyed San Francisco values.” The new branch campus headlines include: “Your degree is from USF. Your butt is in San Jose,” and “Same USF, just closer. And less fog.”

University of San Francisco Pleasanton

University of San Francisco Same USF, just closer, and less fog

University of San Francisco Become wildly successful without becoming a jerk no one likes

University of San Francisco Stupid

University of San Francisco Humanity. Justice. Integrity. You know, wild-eyed San Francisco values

“The University is delighted with the response to our ‘Higher Standard Visibility Campaign’ in partnership with Hub Strategy,” said David Macmillan, Vice President for Communications and Marketing at USF. “It has been amazing to hear so many members of our target audience actually repeat our ad headlines verbatim and tell us about heated office conversations relating to the campaign.”


The USF campaign was developed at Hub Strategy by client director/designer Peter Judd, creative director/copywriter DJ O’Neil, designer Paul Kagiwada, Flash designer Armand Tam, copywriters Hugh Gurin, Linda Birkenstock, Leona Frey, and Jeff Feng, director of account management Annalyn Duke, account manager Meghan Raab, photographer Jason Rothman (with stock photography), producer Michael Blair, media planners Kelly Guyton and Chiaty Shrieve.

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