UNICEF Good Guys

Mother Teresa, Jesus and Gandhi. All three put mankind before themselves. In UNICEF Sweden’s Christmas campaign, the three of them gather to talk about who is the most generous. They also get a visit from a new guy, who clicked a UNICEF banner. The campaign wants to show how easy it is to do something good today, compared to back in the days. Today you can simply buy something in UNICEF’s online store. A saved life is just a few clicks away. The campaign, called The Good Guys, consists of three films – The Dinner Party, The Greatest Story and Jesus Goes Online.

UNICEF Good Guys

Doing good has never been easier. With just a few clicks on your computer you can buy life saving products in UNICEFs webshop, unicef.se/gavoshop. UNICEF makes sure that the products reaches the children who need them the most, and you recieve a gift card that you can give as a Christmas gift. Super simple. But that hasn’t always been the case. Before the internet, if you wanted to save lives, you had to man up and do it yourself. To show how much easier it is today we teamed up four characters, who in very different ways, did great things.

UNICEF Good Guys Credits

The Good Guys campaign was developed at Forsman & Bodenfors by art directors Johanna Hofman-Bang and Agnes Stenberg-Schentz, copywriter Marcus Hägglöf, account supervisor Jacob Nelson, account manager Lena Birnik, agency producers Magnus Kennhed, Helena Wård, PR manager Desirée Maurd, designer Nina Andersson, with original work by F&B Factory, working with UNICEF director of communication Petra Hallebrant, senior marketing officer Jim Carlberg and marketing officer Åsa Lee.

Filming was shot by directors Torbjörn Martin, Tomas Skoging via ACNE Production, with executive producer Petur Mogensen, producer Fredrik Skoglund, account manager Jacob Englund, director of photography Christian Haag, costume stylist Patrik Hedin, make up stylist Sanna Riley and set designer Cian Bournebusch.

Post production was done at The Chimney Pot.

Casting was handled by Aston Hinkingson (London), Stone (Los Angeles) and Röster (Sweden voices, places, faces).

Stills were by photographer Pelle Bergström via Skarp Agent, stylist Lotta Agaton / Link Deco and retouching studio Bildinstitutet.

Radio work was produced at Flickorna Larsson.