UNICEF A Child Who Learns

UNICEF Chile‘s “A Child Who Learns” campaign, featuring class photographs with a prostitute, drunk and dealer, has won two Gold Press Lions (Product & Service Public Awareness Messages, and Craft Photography) at Cannes International Advertising Festival. “A Child who learns is an adult who teaches”. “Help us provide quality education to thousands of children in Chile because if we can change their education we can change their destiny”.

UNICEF A Child Who Learns - Slut

UNICEF A Child Who Learns - Drunk

UNICEF A Child Who Learns - Dealer

UNICEF A Child Who Learns


The UNICEF Child Who Learns campaign was developed at Prolam Y&R, Santiago, Chile, by executive creative directors Alvaro Becker, Francisco Cavada and Emerson Navarrete, copywriters Jaime Diaz, Tomás Almuna and Andrés Acevedo, art director Sergio Araya, photographer David Calderon, and retoucher Silvana Mercado.