U2 Ordinary Love

U2’s song, “Ordinary Love”, written for the soundtrack of Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom is being promoted in a lyric video dedicated to Nelson Mandela. Filmed at The Invisible Dog Art Centre in New York, the music video evokes the closed in environment of Mandela’s 27 year imprisonment on Robbens Island, with brick walls, fences, austere walls and freight elevator and cage that moves up and down in response to the highs and lows of the song’s themes of hope and desperation. Bono’s lyrics are scrawled in ink, pencil, chalk and paint, moving off the page to become a commentary on life inside and outside.

U2 Ordinary Love I can't fight you anymore it's you I'm fighting for

Ordinary Love is the first release from U2 since their 2009 studio album No Line on the Horizon, and is timed to coincide with the release of the film. A limited number of 1,000 10-inch vinyl copies will also be available for purchase in select record stores. U2 is currently working with Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) on their next album, including Ordinary Love, with a projected release in April 2014.

U2 Ordinary Love Single

U2 Ordinary Love I Would Believe

U2 Ordinary Love Wash It Away

U2 Ordinary Love And We Can

U2 Ordinary Love Wall

U2 Ordinary Love Nelson Mndela


Filming was shot by Supply & Demand Integrated director Mac Premo and Irish illustrator Oliver Jeffers via So Projects Inc. with editor Ann Lupo, 2nd unit director of photography Oliver Jevremov, for Universal Records, with creative consulting by Studio Aka and MAD.

The music video includes time lapse photography of Jeffers painting Nelson Mandela over a day, in response to a request from U2 for his portrait to be included.

One direct tie-in to the Mandela biopic is a scene where a letter is opened – but censored with most of its writing erased: “There is a moment in the film where Mandela receives a letter in prison from his wife,” notes Premo. “He opens it and there’s nothing – everything has been omitted by the authorities. That definitely ties in with a very powerful scene in the film.”

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