Trygga Barnen Children Marked by Alcohol

Trygga Barnen Foundation, a non-profit organisation in Sweden, is running a print advertising campaign designed to increase awareness of how common it is for children to grow up in families with alcohol problems. A print ad shows a young boy marked by the rings left by wine glasses. “Vart femte barn i sverige har fätt sin barndom märkt av alkohol” (One in five children in Sweden has its childhood marked by alcohol”. The goals is to raise funds for the Trygga Barnen foundation so they can help children, adolescents, parents, friends and relatives in families with addiction problems. The ad was published in business magazines to reach a specific group where alcoholism is prevalent.

Trygga Barnen Children Marked by Alcohol

Today half a million Swedes are risk users of alcohol. For every addict there is an average of about ten family members and friends affected. Fältman & Malmén Draftfcb, the agency behind the campaign, sought to explore the ways some things can hurt that bad, even though they aren’t visible to others. It hurts to see your parents or relatives turn into unpredictable strangers, incapable of providing the necessary security. It hurts to always come in second, after the bottle. The hurts create invisible bruises that never quite heal.


The Marked by Alcohol campaign was developed at Fältman & Malmén Draftfcb, Stockholm, by creative director Magnus Fältman, art director Ellen Ström, copywriter Viktor Olsson, designer Daniel Eriksson and account manager Victoria Sydorw.

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    This is an excellent insight and a real fact that is happening nowdays around the world. Great job and campaign. Cheers from Virtual adgency!