Trolli Weirdly Awesome

Ferrara Candy Company has launched “Weirdly Awesome”, an integrated advertising campaign for the Trolli brand of chewy candies, including Sour Brite Crawlers. Gleaning inspiration from the weird shapes, funky colors and irresistible playfulness of Trolli gummies, the Weirdly Awesome interactive and video campaign was created to appeal to teenagers’ absurd sense of fun. The Tumblr site,, includes customised themes, animated gifs and embedded videos from the campaign, with a section where users can submit their weirdness. Weirdly awesome elements are also included in Trolli social media channels, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Trolli Weirdly Awesome site

Trolli Best Friend Ever

In “Best Friend Ever” a boy and his dog get twisted.

Trolli Bird Boy

In “Bird Boy” a family talks about their day while feeding their feathered son Sour Brite Crawlers.

Trolli Manicorn

In “Manicorn” a high school student demonstrates the secret power within his Sour Brite Crawler horn.

Trolli Aurora Trolli-Allis

In “Aurora Trolli-Allis” Brite Crawlers emerge from the earth and kids wake up their mouths to eat them.

Trolli Weirdly Awesome site - Find Your Favorite
Trolli Dog Play
Trolli Weirdly Awesome hair
Trolli Manicorn Horn

Weirdly Awesome Credits

The Weirdly Awesome campaign was developed at Periscope, Minneapolis, by executive creative director Charlie Callahan, creative director Rob Peichel, senior art director Jen Neis, senior copywriter John Sullivan, producer Kelly Farley, working with Jamie Mattikow, Chief Commercial Officer at Ferrara Candy Company.

Filming was shot by director Dave Laden via Hungry Man with executive producers Kevin Byrne, Dan Duffy and Mino Jarjoura, producer Caleb Dewart and director of photography Christian Spranger.

Editor was Nick Rondeau at Arcade Edit with executive producers Damian Stevens and Nicole Visram, post producer Gavin Carroll and assistant editor Carmen Hu.

Colorist was Greg Reeves at The Mill with executive producer LaRue Anderson.

Online editing and visual effects were produced at Brewster Parsons by lead Flame artist Louis Mackall, producer Georgina Poushkine and executive producer Darcy Parsons.

Sound and music were produced at Echo Boys by artists Tom Lecher, Alex Berglund and Tyler Tholl, and producer Sara Davidson.