TNT Know Drama

TNT/Turner Broadcasting System Europe (Turner EMEA) is running a print advertising campaign pushing the tag line, “We know drama”. The campaign is a follow-up to the well-known red button videos, Dramatic Surprise in a Quiet Square and A New Dramatic Surprise. The premise is the same: adding drama to daily life. A pregnant woman turning up to a wedding. A bear turning up at a camp site. A monster turning up in the bedroom. A one man band turning up at a funeral. There’s a TNT camera crew ready to capture the drama.

TNT We Know Drama - Wedding

TNT We Know Drama - Bear

TNT We Know Drama - Monster

TNT We Know Drama - Funeral


The We Know Drama print campaign was developed at Duval Guillaume Modem, Antwerp, by worldwide creative director Erik Vervroegen, executive creative directors Katrien Bottez, Geoffrey Hantson, Andy Bird, art directors Koenraad Lefever, Bastien Grisolet, Alex Shapowal, copywriters Dries De Wilde, Sam Butterfield, art buyers Jean-Luc Chirio and Lauriane Dula, account team Dimitri Mundorff and Tuyen Pham Xuan. Photography by Nadav Kander was produced at Elysian Fields by executive producer Gaël Cheval and coordinator of print production Dorothée Lemaître, retouching done by Christophe Huet at Asile.