The Truth on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is still the most common cause of injuries to women. A few days ago, TERRES DES FEMMES drew attention to this fact with a public awareness promotion campaign: the women`s rights organization handed out the specifically developed make up “ The Truth” to passers-by in the Sony Center at Postdamer Platz in Berlin. What makes the “The Truth” make up special is the fact that it uncovers – instead of covering up! It is not skin-colored, but contains blue theater make-up. On the back of the package you will find an educational text with information about the organization and request for donations. The promotion was filmed by a camera team and put on the Terres des Femmes YouTube channel.

TDF Bruise

TDF Makeup Stall


The campaign idea was developed by the advertisement agency McCann Germany, Berlin, and produced at Parasol Island.

Domestic violence is the most common cause of injuries of women. Sad but true: women are most in danger in there own homes. Globally – as well as in Germany. Domestic violence is the most common cause of injuries of women – even more common than traffic accidents and cancer put together. The risk of women suffering physical violence from a partner is higher than the risk of suffering physical violence from a stranger. Education, income, age and religion have no influence. In Germany every forth women is or was a victim of violence. Their own homes are the most dangerous place for women. Every year 40 000 women escape with their children to women’s refuges ad shelters.

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