The Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

The Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar is the first calendar in the world to feature calendar days made from tea leaves. Finely flavoured and pressed until wafer-thin, the 365 calendar days can be individually detached and brewed directly in the cup with hot water. The tea calendar was sent exclusively to selected business partners.

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar


The Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar was developed at Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, by executive creative director Sascha Hanke, creative directors Heiko Schmidt and Kay Eichner, art director Patrick Schroeder, copywriter Julia Meissner, production manager Martin Luehe, producer Julia Rudloff, account executive Kira Middendorf, art buyer Karen Blome.

The calendar was printed at Inch Design Service, Hamburg.

The case film was produced by Alexander de Lukowicz at Virus, Hamburg, with sound produced at The Shack, Hamburg.

  • Will these ever be available to the public?

  • Mariel Seidman-Gati

    Same question as Kasara! When can I get one?!?!

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    This looks great… but having the tea exposed to air like that for so long.. I wonder if it would go stale?

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    Wow. I need this in my life. Please please please, please!

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    I want one of these so bad! Just have to know, does it tell you anywhere in the calendar what the teas are made out of? Because…I can’t have camomile

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    I want one!! =)
    Will it ever be available for us to buy? When, where (plz, online too) and for how much??

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    can you ship to hong kong ???

  • Dude. I wish this existed for coffee. Would be the perfect christmas gift for my mom.

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    Where can I buy the calendar? My daughter would love this to bring to college.

  • This HAS to be made public!! I want so bad!

  • Ben Smith

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