The Dove Carbon Paper Ad

The Dove Self Esteem Project has been working for several years on promoting women’s self esteem and demystifying the beauty myth. Recently, this mission was extended to children. According to the brand’s research, 6 out of 10 girls stopped doing something they love because they felt uncomfortable with their appearance. Lisbon agency TORKE+CC was asked to introduce the Dove Self Esteem Project in Portugal for the very first time and generate awareness among adults about the impact that their behavior may have on children’s self esteem. The agency created a carbon paper ad, a press ad in Pais & Filhos parenting magazine, challenging readers to test their memory by writing down the worst thing they remember being called in their childhood. A pen was provided on the page. What readers didn’t know was that a piece of carbon paper underneath the page would lead to their word being imprinted on the shirt of a child on the next page with the accompanying text, “Words Mark Children Forever”.

Dove Carbon Paper Ad

Readers, mostly parents, saw the result of their action imprinted on a child, reminding them that words carelessly said to children may stick to them for life. Dove was able to introduce the Self Esteem Project goals in Portugal in a more interactive way through a print ad, that actually embodied the project main concern. Website visits increased by 19%. Schools around Portugal sent emails wanting to be part of the program. And with this initiative we helped increase numbers to reach Dove’s 2015 target of 15 million people within the program.


The Carbon Ad Paper campaign was developed at TORKE+CC, Lisbon, by creative directors André Rabanéa, Hugo Tornelo and Pedro Alegria, art directors Daniel Machado, João Pereira, Rui Pica and Rui Santos, copywriters Nuno Trindade and Zeynep Rabanéa, planners Diogo Teixeira, Mariana Figueiredo and Frederico Ferreira, and producer Soraia Silva.