Swiss Heart Foundation Story of Hearts

Swiss Heart Foundation (Schweizerische Herzstiftung) has launched “Story of Hearts”, a heart-warming story about a man and the love of his life. Unlike many other long-spots, this one plays regularly on TV since Swiss NGOs receive a 50% discount when airing commercials on national television. Independently functioning 45- and 15 second versions have been produced for the campaign with the same goal: to create public awareness for the institution in Switzerland.

Story of HEarts

Story of Hearts Credits

The Story of Hearts campaign was developed at Contexta, Bern, by creative director Moritz Staehelin, copywriters Annette H├Ącki and Raphael Gammenthaler, art directors Stefanie Morgan and Moricz Nemeth, agency producer Ulysse Schnegg, account supervisor Nadine Borter, account manager Alexandra Beyeler with advertiser’s supervisor Martin Zimmermann.

Filming was shot by director Tobias Fueter via Stories with producer Yves Bollag, director of photography Holger Diener, lighting director Attila Doczi, production designer Denis Spycher, editors Tobias Fueter, Beni Fueter and Wolfgang Weigl, colorist Fabian Kimoto, sound designer Gian Dolder, composer Adrian Frutiger, line producer Nicole Spring and production coordinator Heike Schreyer.

Animation, special effects and CG was produced at Cloudscape.

Off-voice English was by Harlan Hogan.