Steal Banksy in NY

British graffiti artist Banksy is in New York through the month of October, creating “Better Out Than In”, documented online at and on the Banksy Tumblr site. The anonymous artist is dodging the NYPD, paparazzi and rival graffiti artists to create an installation each day. A mysterious project has emerged through the month, StealBanksyNY, highlighting on the location of the works and encouraging people to get their hands on them before the Museum of Modern Art does. Already locals have shown incredible levels of ingenuity as they’ve helped themselves to bricks, props and other elements of Banksy’s outdoor art. Banksy has drawn the line with one of his installations, hiring a guard 24 hours a day.

Banksy Better Ours Than Theirs

The anonymous tip off has the following: “Wouldn’t you want a Banksy before MoMA gets it? Then do it! Get out to the street auction and make it ours, not theirs. The inspiring thing about Banksy is he prompts people to shake things up. The art world, the world at large – nothing’s safe. For us, that has to include his work too. End of the day, we think he’d dig it, even if his agent doesn’t. “The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules.” – Banksy”

Banksy Graffiti is a Crime

Banksy Sledgehammer Boy

Banksy Boy with Hammer

Banksy Bridge Couple

Banksy Ghetto 4 Life

Banksy Butler

Banksy Spray Art

Banksy Sheep Truck

Banksy Meat Truck

Banksy Installation Grumpier You Are

Banksy Flowers

Banksy Stack Flower

Banksy Riot Police

Banksy Riot Police

Banksy Installation Guard

Banksy Dog and Hydrant

Banksy Plato Theory

Banksy Installation Horses and Car

Banksy Installation Ronald McDonald and shoe shiner

Banksy Sphinx

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