Starbucks Mondays Can Be Great

Starbucks is promoting its £1.50 Latte in the UK with “Mondays Can Be Great“, an advertising campaign focused on the great things that have happened on Mondays through history. The animated video uses only material found in a Starbucks store to highlight the £1.50 Latte promotion offered at Starbucks UK before 11:00 am on Mondays, and connect coffee drinkers with the 1969 moon landing, the appearance of Mandrake the Magician, the first Big Ben bong, the first public lift, the first performance of MacBeth and the arrival of Space Invaders.

Starbucks Mondays can be great commercial - blanket

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Monday Can Be Great Facts on the Starbucks microsite are linked with online articles. Man first walked on the moon on Monday 21st July 1969. Mandrake the Magician, the first comic book superhero, appeared on Mon 11th June 1934. Big Ben’s first ‘bonged’ on Monday 11th July 1859. The first public lift was installed on Monday 23rd March 1857. The UK’s first cinema opened on Monday 5th August 1901. The first weekly weather forecast in the UK was on Monday 11th February 1878. Macbeth was first performed in the UK on Monday 7th Aug 1606. The game Space Invaders arrived in the UK on Monday 22nd Jan 1979. Around 490,000 babies are born into the world every Monday.

Starbucks Mondays can be great commercial - Big Ben

Starbucks Mondays can be great commercial - moon landing

Starbucks Mondays can be great commercial - Macbeth

Starbucks Mondays can be great commercial - Space Invaders

Starbucks Mondays Tall Latte


The Mondays campaign was developed at AMV BBDO, London, by art director Phil Holbrook, copywriter Liam Donnelly and agency producer Adam Walker.

Production was done at Brand New School by executive creative director Jonathan Notaro, creative director Sean Dougherty, executive producer Devin Brook, producers Samantha Proctor, Julie Shevach, art director Stephen Kelleher, designer Leta Sobierjaski and Flame artist Mark French.

Sound and music were produced at Machine Head, Los Angeles, by composer Stephen Dewey, and mixed at AMV BBDO by Chris McLean.