Sony Bravia Volcano Explodes with Petals

Sony has launched “Volcano”, a new television commercial, marking the arrival of 55 inch and 65 inch X9 4K television screens. The ad features millions of colourful petals exploding from Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica, rushing through exotic locations down to a Costa Rican village. All effects were shot in real-life and filmed in 4K with Sony’s revolutionary F55 and F65 cameras, used on recent blockbuster movies ‘Oblivion’ and ‘After Earth’. Sony estimates that 8 million real and biodegradable petals were used in the making of the commercial (based on the weight), connecting with the 8 million individual pixels contained in the new Sony 4K screens.

Sony Bravia Volcano Petals

Sony Bravia Volcano Petals

Sony Bravia Volcano Petals

Sony Bravia Volcano Petals

Sony Bravia Volcano Petals

Sony Bravia Volcano Petals

Sony Bravia Volcano Petals

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The Petals campaign was developed at McCann London by executive creative directors Rob Doubal, Laurence Thomson, copywriter/art director Arman Naji, art directors Michael Thomason and Javier Gomez, account team Pip Shepherd, Sam Khaneka, agency producers Paula Mackersey, Anita Osborne and Charlie Macpherson.

Filming was shot by director Jaron Albertin via Smuggler with director of photography André Chemetoff and producer Nick Fewtrell.

Editing was done at Trim. Post production was done at Framestore by VFX supervisor Russell Dodgson.

Media was planned by Mediacom. Photography is by Ash Knotek.

Sound was designed at Craft. Music is “Berlin”, the debut release from LA based Australian artist RY X, available courtesy of Dumont Dumont, supervised by Carl Rapp.

Download RY X track Berlin on iTunes

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2 Responses to Sony Bravia Volcano Explodes with Petals

  1. shawn says:

    absolutely stunning. the ultimate version of bravia -- balls ad many years ago.

  2. Jåsøn ß says:

    So much effort to be just perceived as a copy of Sony Balls. There must’ve been much fresher work that died in the meeting room. It’s a shame.

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