Skechers Cheetah Chase

Skechers running shoes are given a work out in “GoRun 2”, a Super Bowl television commercial featuring a cheetah, a gazelle and a would be human hero. The campaign follows on from the success of the 2012 Super Bowl ad, Mr. Quiggly Go Run, a sneaker-wearing French bulldog who sprinted past racing greyhounds and moonwalked his way to victory. This time it’s out in the wild and a life is in the balance.

Skechers Cheetah Chase

“Every time you watch a nature program, you wince at the sight of a cheetah taking down the little gazelle. Our commercial uses a runner and his shoes as a protector of the little guy who’s getting picked on. There’s an underdog tale going on here that is reminiscent of the story we told in a different way last year,” says CEO and Chief Creative Officer Rob Siltanen .

GoRun 2 Credits

The Cheetah Chase GoRun 2 campaign was developed at Siltanen & Partners Advertising, Los Angeles, by chief creative officer/copywriter Rob Siltanen, creative director/art director Joe Hemp, creative director/copywriter Rex Fish, account director Anna Amador and director of broadcast production Maricela Rogers.

Filming was shot by director/animation supervisor Adam Toht and animation supervisor Ben Toht via City of Angels Creative Enterprises with executive producer Jason Dennis, editor Lee Cowan, studio artist Shirley Widyaningsih.

Visual effects were produced at The Saline Project.

Music was produced at Apollo Studios by executive music producer Koo Abuali, composers Tim Buron and Raphael Reed, and producer Jason Brando.