SEAT Taxi Fare

SEAT Deutschland recently promoted the car manufacturer’s brake energy recovery system in Dusseldorf with “SEAT Taxi Fare”. The system collects energy usually lost when a car brakes, and then uses this energy when it accelerates again. A SEAT Alhambra was fitted out as a taxi connected to a taximeter that ran backwards every time the driver used the brakes. Cameras hidden inside the car caught the reactions of passengers as they were introduced to SEAT Enjoyneering.

SEAT Taxi Fare


The SEAT Taxi Fare campaign was developed at Grey Düsseldorf by chief creative officer Roland Vanoni, executive creative directors Mark Hendy and Neil Elliot, copywriter Fabio Montero, art director John-John Skoog, account team Sven Schiefer and Linda Koenen, and agency producer Anne Palesch.

Filming was produced at Parasol Island.

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