Scrabble Tales

Srabble the word game was promoted in Guatemala with a set of three active outdoor poster installations transforming stories into new “Scrabble Tales”. Letters used in the Spanish language versions of Three Little Pigs (Los Tres Cochinatos), Little Red Riding Hood (La Caperucita Roja) and The Ugly Duckling (El Patito Feo) were used to form three totally new tales: Tres Chinitos Locos (Three Crazy Chinamen), Pau, El Carrito Caja (Pau, the Basket Case) and Pelotito Ofe (Little Ball Ofe). “Tres Chinitos Locos” tells the story of three wise Chinese friends that get the call from the Emperor to find the cure for mortality. After many attempts the wise Chinese come back with the solution: To avoid mortality live your life fiercely.

Scrabble Tales Viewers

Scrabble Three Little Pigs
Scrabble Little Red Riding Hood
Scrabble The Ugly Duckling
Scrabble Tales Viewers


The Scrabble Tales campaign was developed at Ogilvy Guatemala, by chief creative officer Ramiro Eduardo, creative director Herberth Monterroso, copywriters Otto Gramajo and Desire Cojulun, illustrator SĂșa AgapĂ©, art directors Fernando Mira and Christina Irving-Bell, production managers Victor Perez, Jose Rios and Polo Uribio, photographer Javier Escobar.

Animation was produced at Politronix, Guatemala. Filming was shot by director Edgar Ramirez at 16mm.